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"Why is the doctor arriving too late?"

Translation:Hvorfor kommer doktoren for sent?

November 14, 2014



I think I missed something. What does "laegen" mean?


First time I see it also -in the revision


I thought that was "doktoren" ...? No?


both are correct.

doctor in some countries is roughly the equivalent of a masters degree, so you can be a doctor of economy or a medic without being a doctor


I asked this so long ago that I can't remember the context precisely, but I think I was more confused about what is laegen vs what is doktoren.

Also where are doctors the equivalent of masters degrees? Honestly curious as I have a masters and had to get a doctorate to become a doctor (of education). I understand doctor not always referring to MDs, though. Is that the difference between laegen and doktoren?


Oh, the Doctor is always late! No matter how many incarnations he still can't get the TARDIS to function properly! You just have to get used to it ;)


Being a doctor I acknowledge that we are always late and find it really funny in a self deprecatory way and apologise. Even if its only my first avatar... We do try lol...


Of course the doctor is always late. But it is not his fault, he is always called when the patient is already ill.


Why does for sent come after lægen?

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