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"He is eating the apples and the fruit."

Translation:Han spiser æblerne og frugterne.

November 14, 2014



The fruit is frugten, right? And frugterne is the fruits, right? Then why the hack the fruit here is used for frugterne?


The English word "fruit" can be singular or plural and "fruits" is usually only used when people want to emphasise that they are including fruits of different kinds.


But "I am eating the fruit" means "I am eating one fruit". There's no way you can understand "fruit" as a plural in that sentence


I disagree. Imagine you have a huge basket of different fruit. I would definitely say "I am eating the fruit" to mean that I am working through the basket. Maybe in some contexts the first assumption from "the fruit" is that it is singular, but it definitely isn't weird for it to be plural.


I am eating the fruit can mean singular or plural, without a context there is no way of knowing.


How the hell is anybody to know that they are to use the plural? That is NOT obvious.


Agreed, in English, fruit is both singular and plural, so without a context, no one can know if the translation should be singular or plural. Duolingo Bot has got this one wrong.


'frugterne' is the definite plural. The sentence says: '...and the fruit' that should correspond to '...og frugten.


I have one word to say :Isn't apple fruit?Why does the practice said is"the apples (Look here!)and the fruit?Does it means Naxie pingguo he Naxie Shuiguo in my mothertongue Chinese(There won't be so many Chinese here,I know)?


He is eating the apples and the fruit DOES NOT IMPLY PLURAL. Even if there were a whole bowl of different fruits, English people would still say FRUIT because unless there is good reason not to, the singular noun is used.


As written, it's difficult to tell whether we are supposed to translate "the fruit" in the singular or the plural. Especially, since there are other practice sentences that mix plural nouns and singular nouns.


It's not difficult ... it's impossible

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