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Is current split of forums functional?

Don't you think that making different forum for each skill is - despite good intentions - very inefficient?

We have dozens of small forums, with few questions and nearly no one to answer them. This is most serious with skills that are only 2-3 lessons long - one passes them without even noticing. Another case is with the skills regarding same topic but splited to two parts like Verbs: Present 1 and 2 or few other instances - I don't see reason for splitting forums too.

I've passed skill "Genitive Case" in German recently, and there is quiet serious question regarding quality of lessons. It is there for 4 months and it is - as far as I've seen in the lesson - still not fixed. This is probably just because nearly no one saw it.

I would suggest to split each language forum into few general sections like "vocabulary", "cases", "tenses" etc. (there are a lot of different options; I'm not feeling strong to propose anything even attempting to be final solution now). Corresponding sections should be somehow directly accessible from each skill.

This way experienced users would be able to find newbies questions easily and we would talk in much larger party.

October 8, 2012


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