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  5. "Kaldte du på mig?"

"Kaldte du mig?"

Translation:Did you call for me?

November 14, 2014



I get the image of an English butler saying 'You rang?' with an arched eyebrow to his master. Although, he would probably say something more like: Kaldte I på mig, sir? using the formal you, wouldn't he?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't "I" supposed to be a plural form of "Du"?


That is correct. The uncommonly used formal you would be "De" (the capital D is required in writing when meaning "you").


Quite an ordinary sentence, really. Said with a neutral voice, you would mean "I heard something. Was it you calling me?" But with another facial expression it would be more like "yeah, I heard you, but I don't feel like doing whatever you want me to". The butler coming to service would say "De kaldte" (perhaps even using the very rare "De" for a formal "you").


If someone said 'did you call for me?' in England, it would mean 'did you come to collect me?' Would this phrase apply in that instance?


I think your question can be answered simply: "No, it wouldn't. "


mig - her pronunciation sounds fine, his pronunciation sounds somthing like 'må'

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