"Hello, how are you?"

Translation:Salve, come sta?

July 1, 2013



I got this question wrong because I only chose "Ciao, come stai?" rather than both that and "Salve, come sta?" Is the second option a formal version of this question? I'm a little annoyed at only just being introduced to the concept of the formal in Italian and getting points off for it before even realizing it exists...

February 24, 2014


Yeah, I'm with you, but I bet that annoyance will make it stick in the ol' noggin ;)

April 23, 2014


Generally, when asking about a person's well-being ("How are you", etc), the verb "stare" is used, not "essere".

July 1, 2013


Oops, just found the answer!

"Come sei" asks about a person's physical nature or character. In other words, "what are you like," "how is your personality," "how's your looks?" You might say, "I'm an outgoing person," or something of that sort.

To contrast, "come stai" asks about a person's wellness. In other words, "how are you emotionally," "how is your health," "how do you stay," "how do you upkeep?" You might say, "I'm feeling good today."

July 1, 2013


What's the difference between the two verbs?

July 1, 2013


-_- we haven't learned formal yet!

March 14, 2014


Why not "Ciao, come sei tu," instead of "Ciao, come stai tu?"

July 1, 2013


Why does this accept "Ciao, come stai?" but not "Buongiorno, come sta?" - there isn't anything to indicate that the lesson is looking for the informal rather than the formal?

October 21, 2013


Duolingo has been using the informal (both singular and plural) as the only way since the very first lesson. Can you imagine how many people would be confused out of their minds being introduced to formal AND informal while also having masculine, feminine, singular, plural, and other oddities thrown at them?

December 31, 2013


Hmm, but that's part of learning the language correctly, surely? It's kind of a big part of learning it, in any case, and it was certainly taught from the off when i studied Italian. And French, for that matter.

I at least feel a question like this should accept the formal, even if it is only teaching the informal.

January 1, 2014


I agree

February 13, 2014


I got this wrong because I didn't mark "Salve, come sta." Salve hadn't been introduced in my lessons. The only place I have heard it was Catholic school, singing, Salve, Regina."

May 4, 2014
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