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  5. "He eats anything."

"He eats anything."

Translation:Lui mangia qualsiasi cosa.

July 1, 2013



For me there is a difference between everything (ogni cose) and anything (qualsiasi cose). I was marked wrong for not choosing both Lui mangia qualsiasi cosa and Lui mangia ogni cose for the translation of "He eats anything".

In English if one is to tell a child eat ANYTHING on your plate and you may be excused would mean the child eats one item (of their choice) and may then be excused.

Tell that child to eat EVERYTHING on your plate and the child would be expected to clean the plate eating all items.

Am I not picking up the proper translations of ogni cose/qualsiasi cose are they really this interchangeable? Thank you for any help you may be able to give.


Is there a time to use qualunque over qualsiasi?


As far as I can tell, these are considered equivalent, but I'd love to hear from a really knowledgeable Italian speaker if there is any difference in nuance.


I found this site helpful: http://www.unc.edu/~achamble/indefinites.html. I also had 'di tutto' accepted.


I understood that 'ogni'means 'every ' The question asked for 'anything' so wouldn't this translate as qualcosa rather than ogni cosa?


I think there is a slight difference between anything and everything, even though everything is often used in place of anything, so I think that qualsiasi cosa is a better translation than ogni cosa.

As for qualcosa, that means something, which is quite different from anything so would definitely be wrong.


thanks Blomely - I find all these anythings and somethings confusing!

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