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"An bhfuil an chóisir go maith?"

Translation:Is the party good?

November 14, 2014



To my ear, this sounds no different that saying "an bhfuil a chóisir go maith?" which, I think means "is HIS party good". Is there an auditory distinction I'm missing?


To my knowledge, irish often elides 'an' into a' the N having disappeared. Sadly that would make those two words blur together.


So then we could only know the difference from context?


What's the purpose of "go" here? I thought "go" made an adjective into an adverb, but if it's translated as "is the party good?" then it seems like it should be an adjective.


Go is used both for adverbs and for predicative adjectives. This sentence uses maith as a predicative adjective, so it needs go.


I thought I should have been "an an chóisir go maith?", but then I remembered the copula was only used in phrases implying permanent "identity" (a bit like "ser" in Spanish), so "Is fear mé" assumes I'll always be a man, but "Táim fear" assumes it's not a permanent state, right?

So "An bhfuil an chóisir go maith" means "is the party good (right now)?", doesn't it?


I believe the copula would not be used here because there is no comparison of nouns. Go maith is an adjective.


why is "is it a good party" wrong?


Not sure but I believe that's because "maith"/good is a predicative adjective while in your proposed sentence it's not.


Needs confirmation though.


The predicate adjective, and this revision requires the copula?


If you have to ask...


Would someone say "Is the party good", in English?


Sure. Could be calling or texting a friend who is at a party and you're asking their opinion. I do feel that "was the party good" would be a far more common question.

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