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"I do not know how to end the vacation."

Translation:Non so come finire le vacanze.

July 1, 2013



Curious, does the plural 'vacanze' always translate to the singular 'vacation'? And then how would you translate the words 'vacanza' and 'vacations'?


Apparently, vacanza just means a holiDAY - i.e. just one day. A holiday (or vacation) of a few days has to be vacanze. I guessed that we were talking about a holiday of more than one day! The usage of holiday, holidays, vacation and vacations is pretty random in English too.


Years later we are still waiting for someone from Duolingo to explain to us why this answer is "le vacanze" vs"la vacanza".


I haven't had a reply from Duolingo to my reports for years. This was my chief reason for never bothering with Duolingo plus.


Perhaps more helpfully I can tell you that Bing and Google translate 'vacation' as 'vacanza'. Duolingo isn't perfect...


what's wrong with: Non so come terminare la vacanza.????


Nothing as far as I can make out, but I got it wrong too.


Why is this 'le vacanze'? Surely that would make it, 'I do not know how to end the vacations'

[deactivated user]

    Why do you need come? My teacher told us that sapere when used with an infinitive means to know how to do something.


    What about "No so come concludere la vacanza"? Does it not mean the same thing as "Non so come finire le vacanze"?


    Hi DL, here is another request, why is Le vacanze(plural) translated vacation(singular)


    Can't we also use 'non conosco' here?


    No, conosco is to know a place, a book, a film, things like that.


    In questo caso si può usare anche "concludere"!!!


    Conosco questo sentimento!


    According to my Italian source, they use vacanza or vacanze interchangeably


    la vacanza is now accepted (12/2019)


    Same question: why is "vacanze" plural?


    Perche' "le vacanze" e non "la vacanza"? (the vacation in English)


    what's wrong with "Non so come finire le ferie"


    I put non so come finire le vacanze and got it wrong!


    I put "Non so come finisco le vacanze" and it marked me wrong. Is it grammatically wrong if you don't use the infinitive after "come" ? Or is it that, as I suspect, my answer has a slight different meaning, as "I don't know how I end the vacations" ? ...Also how would the given sentence be different to "I don't know how the vacations end." ? Would this be "Non so come finiscono le vacanze." ?


    Can anyone explain why it's 'so scrivere in cinese' but 'non so come finire la vacanza' sapere is to know how to do something so why is come in one sentence but not the other


    I think 'how' means something different in these two cases. 'So scrivere in cinese' means you can write in Chinese. 'Non so come finire la vacanze' means you can't decide how to end your vacation - should you go on a side trip somewhere, have dinner at an expensive restaurant, throw a party...?

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