math engine

hello, i'm a math teacher. i learn spanish with your engine and its perfect for math for the first 6th grades.

do you have one engine for math? if not, if you give me your code, i'll put math content inside and you could use it freely! the whole world needs you...

save children from their horrible books.. please..

July 1, 2013


Dear foofi, have a look at the following discussion in which a couple of users have created a list of online learning resources.

The link is incorrect. I get a 404 error code.

Copy paste it into your address bar. It works that way.

Foofi, I had the same idea even before I discovered duolingo. The gamification duolingo uses would be excellent for mathematics, physics, chemistry, or almost any other subject as well. I believe a revolution in teaching could be on the horizon if someone decides to put in the work.

I volunteered in the incubator program today to create an Arithmetic course.

hay alguna applicacion de matematicas en Duolingo?

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