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  5. "Ithim cáis agus arán."

"Ithim cáis agus arán."

Translation:I eat cheese and bread.

November 14, 2014



I believe the use of "ithim" and "itheann mé" are the same and interchangeable. Both are correct.


True but "Ithim" is more natural to use.


For people who have learned a dialect of Irish that uses itheann mé, itheann mé is more natural.

In Standard Irish, ithim is preferred (though itheann mé is accepted). The Duolingo course teaches Standard Irish.


I am almost certainly being a pendant here but if feel like maybe the bread should come first as the cheese is being added to the staple.


That is practically idiomatic in English. Wonder if it's different in Irish. (Although perhaps in some circumstances one could emphasize the cheese)


Previously I was told that Itheann mé was how you say I eat. Are they interchangeable?


No im pretty sure ithim is the correct way to say it, just like you shouldnt say tá mé but táim


you can say tá mé. its just like "I am" and "I'm" is the equivalent to "Tá mé" and "Táim.


táim and ithim are just quicker and easier to say so in irish schools thats how its taught


The annoying moment when you're trying to listen to Nirvana but then this pops up. Anyways, can't it be 'I eat cheese with bread'?


no because "with" is "le"


the " a " of ARAN is completely eaten ! so I had no idea what it was.


I thought I heard "rón". " I eat cheese and seal" Lol.


Likewise. And let's be honest -- there are stranger sentences than that to be found on Duolingo.

[deactivated user]

    The á in arán and the ó in rón are about as alike as the "ea" in "bread" and the "ee" in cheese - in other words, they sound completely different!


    I don't think anyone was suggesting otherwise, only that we'd misheard it similar ways.

    It is however encouraging to learn that these things will become clearer when we've had as much practice listening to the language as you have had.


    Just barely starting to catch on to words occasionally, instead of having to look at the help for EACH word. I originally translated this to "I eat cheese with bread" instead of "and". Can someone clarify whether this is completely incorrect, or only for this sentence? I appreciate any help!


    The word for "with" is "le", while "agus" specifically means "and" or "while". Otherwise you were correct!

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