"L'uccello è sopra lo zoo."

Translation:The bird is above the zoo.

July 1, 2013



I think sopra is used as a preposition here rather than an adverb.

August 7, 2013


While I understand how this is being used, it comes across as a trick question. A better way to say this would be to say "The bird is flying above the zoo." It's an awkward translation.

January 2, 2014


i am from san diego, so when i hear the word 'zoo' i think of our gigantic, world renown zoo. but, i realize that not every country or city or state has a giant zoo. so, the only way that "on the zoo" would make sense as a translation is if people in france, or other places, call any enclosure for animals a 'zoo'. if americans went to a small zoo and there were enclosures for different animals americans would call them enclosures, bins, stables, stalls, even HOMES before they called it a zoo. maybe our issue with this translation might be a cultural thing. that's my 2 cents.

: )

June 16, 2017


I'm hearing "zoo" pronounced "doe". Not just on this exercise, but several others. Is this right? Never heard anyone else pronounce it this way. Anyone??

February 12, 2019


I think it is a peculiarity of the way this new male speaker pronounces it. Even when slowed down it comes out sounding like 'djo'. None of the other speakers pronounce it like that. I had to wait to get the written version before I could work out what he was saying. Even after I knew what he was trying to say, it still didn't sound anything like 'zoo'.

April 28, 2019


Yes, it's pronouncing "zoo" wrong. But I don't hear "doe", i'm hearing (pronounced as italian) "giò". Sure enough, this new male voice is pronouncing "zoo" in a wrong way.

May 2, 2019


it's a good catch by your ear. i always heard it like the german "z" which is a "Tz" sound, but your question made me want to find a youtube that might help you AND explain to me what i was SUPPOSED to be hearing. :D

make sure to turn ur speakers down before clicking the link- dude went with LOUD intro music..... :/


"dz" is the sound you're hearing. zoo = dzo-oh.

there are some other good "z" facts in that video. i am surprised that no one else has made a video about the italian "z".....

February 12, 2019


I'm not a native English speaker, but I thought the correct way is "...in the zoo", not "..on the zoo". Or is the meaning different here?

July 1, 2013

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Yes, the bird isn't in the zoo, it's above it: the main translation in fact uses "above".

July 1, 2013


Thanks! I understood this translation, but the other one ("on the zoo") seemed strange...

July 1, 2013


One possible answer says the bird is on the zoo. I've never heard of an answer that made less sense then that one. Even above the zoo/ok/a little better but regardless of translation. at would seem to make more sense. Can't be the only one who thinks that! ]

May 16, 2015


I think the sentence wants to say that the bird is flying over the zoo.

October 9, 2017


'On top of the zoo' makes some sense, though less than 'above', and is accepted.

September 23, 2015


Strange line. But I guess DL just wanted us to repeat something with "s impurum"

May 3, 2018


totally unrelated- - - that shade of purple is gorgeous. : )

May 4, 2018


Thank you! It's a "Mainzer Fastnacht" (Carnival in Mainz on the Rhine)

May 4, 2018


interesting. german botany?

May 4, 2018


Not very much, but I am from Mainz and when I thought about a pic, that rose came to my mind. Thank you for following btw!

May 4, 2018


cool. : )

thank you for the follow as well. also, i set up an email that can be found in my description so that i can communicate with people across the world. feel free to hit me up if you have time for a pen pal. DL used to have chatting ability but they got rid of it, so i am forced to clutter up threads to make friends. hahaha

May 4, 2018


It doesn't make sense

December 2, 2015


What?! ''above the zoo? '' It is flying above the zoo.

May 1, 2017


it would have to be above in this DL sentence. unless people refer to things like stables for multiple animals as 'zoos' in france, but i doubt it. no one says 'ON a zoo' in america, bc a zoo in america is just a huge piece of land where animals are caged and fenced, so a zoo encompasses a large amount of open space, many structures, and attractions, so nothing can really be 'on' a zoo. it's like saying, "i see a bird on disney land." it just doesn't make sense.

June 16, 2017


How do you differentiate when 'sopra' means 'on' versus 'above'?

July 15, 2017


context? don't quote me on that. : )

July 15, 2017


Ma che che cosa significa questa frase ?????

December 4, 2017


I tried over the zoo but it was marked wrong and i don't know why

November 6, 2018


Why is 'on top of' incorrect

April 3, 2019


Italian teacher not doing their job properly here.

December 17, 2017
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