Hi,My name is Mario

I speak portuguese and a little bit of english.I live in Brazil,Timoteo MG.I am marriege with My wife Sandra,and I have two sons

11/14/2014, 10:20:52 PM

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11/14/2014, 11:08:57 PM

oh great thing

11/14/2014, 11:14:31 PM

Hello Mario. How are you and your beatiful family? Are you two boys or a daughter and a boy? How are your wife? Can you tell me something about Timoteo? Bye.

11/15/2014, 3:33:56 PM

Hello Mario, how are you? I'm Leandro. I'm from Brazil, but a living galway in Ireland. I study english.

11/16/2014, 11:52:47 AM

Hi, my name is Luigi kkkkkkk

11/16/2014, 5:39:25 PM

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