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  5. "Léann siad an nuachtán."

"Léann siad an nuachtán."

Translation:They read the newspaper.

November 15, 2014



I need a LOT of assistance in recognizing the difference in listening to "sibh" and "siad". It is VERY difficult for me to HEAR the very subtle difference.


Do we get away from various people reading newspapers eventually? Or books? Or drinking milk and water or eating sandwiches and rice? This course has been very repetitive now for around 40 lessons.


lol I hear ya! But basics first. I do have to laugh like in German course I don't know how many times I've had to say, "Ich bin Mädchen" (I am a girl).


How do you pronounce nuachtan?


Nuachtán is pronounced noo-ack-tawn.


What is going on? When I type "sibh", it is marked INCORRECT and "siad" given as the correction. When i type "siad", Ii is marked as INCORRECT with "sibh" as the correct answer!! Which is it as I am completely confused!!!!


This exercise is Léann siad an nuachtán.

Léann sibh an nuachtán is a different exercise.


The spoken difference between se (with a mark) and siad is hard to decipher, especially when the verb ending is the same.


I was hearing sé instead of siad, ❤❤❤❤❤❤. The woman speaks too fast x'D


In Polish we say "siad" to commend our dogs to sit down. I think I won't forget that word :D


In the question, siad is used. However, the one before it, “Léann an páiste”, there isn’t the to be verb. Is siad used here to distinguish the plural subject?


siad is the 3rd person plural pronoun "they" - it is not exclusive to the "to be verb".

léann siad - "they read"
itheann siad - "they eat"
tá siad - "they are"
tiomáienann siad - "they drive"


Thank you for explaining. Duolingo can be hard to follow if one has no previous experience of Irish. I'm going to get some external help to save misunderstandings!


Leann siad an nuachtan...... Why is it not leaimid siad?


I have to turn that question around - what led you to the conclusion that it would be "leaimid siad"?

The imid ending is used for 1st person plural ("we") in the present tense:
léimid - "we read"

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