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  5. "Hendes venstre sko er blå."

"Hendes venstre sko er blå."

Translation:Her left shoe is blue.

November 15, 2014



Is anyone thinking of dr seuss one shoe two shoes red shoe blue shoe.. would she wear them with a hat.. or would she buy them for her cat


I keep getting those shoes wrong. How do I know if it's just one shoe or if it's multiple shoes?


"Sko" is both the singular and plural form, but usually you can derive which is meant from the context (it makes more sense to say "her left shoe" than "her left shoes", because there is a big chance she has only 2 feet, and a small one that all the left shoes she possesses are blue). Adjectives ending in "e" also give you a clue that the noun is plural, but I think "venstre" always ends in an "e" and blaa doesn't get one in the plural form, so you couldn't use that tip for this particular sentence.


Aside from logic, can "Hendes venstre sko er blå" actually mean "Her left shoes are blue" because in this particular case one cannot tell whether singular or plural is meant?


Well, the left shoe is blue, and in my experience people only wear two shoes at a time, so I translated it as singular.


Og hvad er med den anden?


I was just wondering : what about the other one ?


It is difficult to differentiate between hens and hendes For me the same sound


To me, "hens" sounds like "hayn'ss" and "hendes"sounds like "hay'niss."


The word hendes has a slightly longer n sound.

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