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  5. "Drikker dyrene vand?"

"Drikker dyrene vand?"

Translation:Do the animals drink water?

November 15, 2014



Listened to it several times... thought for sure she was saying something with 'du'. I know there have been some complaints about the voice and pronunciation, but this one was particularly difficult for me.


The 'dy' in dyrene is supposed to sound like du, which will probably seem strange for a while.


No, they only drink beer, wine and milk. But mostly beer.


Since english is not my main language, I like to get confused over "does" and "do"..


Use "does" for he, she, and it in English. Use "do" for the rest of them.


Is there any difference in Danish between "Do the animals drink water?" and "Are the animals drinking water?"

My instinct was to translate this sentence as "Are the animals drinking water?" In English, that sentence has a slightly different meaning than "Do the animals drink water?" The first is asking about whether the animals are drinking water right now. The second is asking about whether the animals drink water in general. Does that distinction exist in Danish?

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