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  5. "Jouw thee wordt koud."

"Jouw thee wordt koud."

Translation:Your tea is getting cold.

November 15, 2014



"Your tea's getting cold" generally tends to me "Your dinner is getting cold" in British English.

Also, for those who are confused, it's good to note that "worden" is the same as "becoming", and in English, we use "get" as a replacement for "become".

"It's getting cold" = "It's becoming cold"


I read the sentence as meaning your (cup of) tea is getting cold!


Should "your tea is cold" be accepted since "is" is the first hint for wordt?

I know that sometimes the first hint is not correct. I'm wondering if this is one of those cases.


Why don't they suggest "to get" as a possible translation? I'm always afraid of using English "too naturally" when translating, just in case I might change the meaning, so I tend to use only the words Duoling suggests me to use. "To get" should be added, as it sounds pretty good :)


I don't really understand what you are trying to say. You want "to get" to be added?

  • Your tea is getting cold - is already accepted
  • Your tea gets cold - is already accepted

Is there any other sentence with "to get" that I am missing here?


I think he's saying that he would like "Is getting" or "gets" to be a suggested translation when he clicks on the word "wordt," in addition to the ones already there.


Why not " your tea is becoming cold "


Can one translate this to, " Your tea will become cold."?


Is the "Jouw thee krijgt koud" will be accepted ?

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