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"Páirceálann an carr agus tiomáinim an carr."

Translation:He parks the car and I drive the car.

November 15, 2014



Yet another advantage of Dolittle Motors’ all-new Pushmi-pullyu!


You came up with a witty comment before I did.


Tugtar ar sin "dhá thrá a fhreastal" mar atá ráite acu.


...are we talking about the same car here? He parks it (then) I drive it? Or would that be 'páirceálann sé an carr agus tiomáinim é' ?


He parks the car and I drive the car. It's in the Contract; you got a problem with that?


I submitted the same answer, so why is it incorrect


I can think of two possible explanations:
1) The computer made a mistake when comparing two strings
2) You made a mistake when writing your answer, or in reading it back.

As Sentence Discussions are a user-to-user forum, and users have no way of knowing what you actually submitted, and as none of the thousands of other users who have done this exercise have reported a problem with the computer having any difficulty comparing two strings in this exercise, the 2nd explanation sounds like the most likely explanation.


Wouldn't it be easier to say "Páirceálann sé an carr agus tiomáinim sé"?


"... agus tiomáinim é." might work. But the sentence really needs emphatic pronouns. "Páirceálann seisean an carr ach tiomáinimse é."

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