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  5. "They are religious people."

"They are religious people."

Translation:De er religiøse folk.

November 15, 2014



why can't we use mennsker here?


Do the Danish also have the same constructions we do with et folk, ie can you say "de er et religiøst folk"


Who is 'we'?
Et religiøst folk can work, too, but has a slightly different meaning which would better be expressed in English with "a religious people". A closed community with a separate culture and heritage, instead of a mere subgroup of citizens.


Når vi har adj, skal vi sige mennesker


When is it ‘folk’ , ‘folket’ and ‘folke’


Lumen, it's pretty straightforward:

  • folk - people
  • folket - the people

"Folke" makes an appearance when you form a compound noun. So if you want to combine folk and another noun into a single word, you need to place that 'e' in between:

  • folk + fjende - folkefjende - public enemy
  • folk + medicin - folkemedicin - folk medicine
  • folk + republik - folkerepublik - people's republic


Thanks for replying. I thought it was so until I came to the sentence: Folke spiser bjørnen.


I might have misread the sentence! I wrote it in my book as I thought it was strange!! Thanks for the help

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