Es vs Est

I'm still not always clear on when to use es versus est - can anyone help me out?

Thank you!

6 years ago


Conjugaison du verbe "être":

  • Je suis (I am)
  • Tu es (you are)
  • Il/elle est (he/she is)
  • Nous sommes (we are)
  • Vous êtes (you are)
  • Ils sont (They are)
6 years ago

What Shavonne_5 means is that "Tu" used when speaking to someone really younger than you or someone you know well, while "Vous" is used as a polite "Tu" form.

6 years ago

Also, "es" is used informally. Like when you are speaking to a friend for example. "Tu es un bon ami." - "You are a good friend."

6 years ago

Thank you so much guys!

6 years ago
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