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"That thing he told us yesterday."

Translation:Den ting han fortalte os i går.

November 15, 2014



something may look wrong : the verb is not in second position, where normally it is !


Okay, I'm like very late to this, but since no one picked this up...

It's not a complete sentence here, but just a noun which a dependent clause is attached to. You can add "that" and at to the respective sentence to make it clearer:
"Den ting at han fortalte os i går" - "That thing that he told us yesterday."

A complete sentence would be something like "He told us that thing yesterday", where you will have the verb in the second position in the Danish translation again: "Den ting fortalte han os i går."


Can someone explain the construction of this sentence please?


Is this a phrase or a complete sentence in Danish? In English, the word order would make it a prepositional phrase.


I'm not sure the term "prepositional phrase" is right here, but it's also not a complete sentence in Danish, just a noun with an attributive phrase.

In a normal Danish statement, the verb would need to be in the second position, but here it's in the third (after the direct object "den ting" and subject han). A proper sentence would be:

  • Den ting fortalte han os i går. - He told us that thing yesterday.


Den must be the demonstrative that thing. If not, it would be Tingen.

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