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bons et bonnes

why is 'we are good' 'nous sommes bons' and not 'nous sommes bonnes'?

October 8, 2012



it's a gender question, when you say "nous sommes bons", you have to use the masculin gender for the adjective bon, on the other hand, if you mean only women in the sentences, then you have to use the female gender for the adjective 'bon', ex. (men + women) nous sommes bons (women only) nous sommes bonnes


However, if Duo refuses "nous sommes bonnes" as a correct translation, then Duo is wrong.


The adjective agrees in gender and in number with the noun. For an adjective to be both feminine and plural, so must the noun/subject. For example: Il est grand - elle est grande. Ils sont grands - elles sont grandes. However, if your noun/subject is a mixture of both masculine/feminite, then the adjective will ALWAYS be masculine - for example: Le chat et la chienne sont petits. I hope this helps!


Thanx IPY and Monty yugi. Yes Sitesurf i agree, duolingo should have accepted nous sommes bonnes!

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