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  5. "Do you want dinner?"

"Do you want dinner?"

Translation:Willen jullie avondeten?

November 15, 2014



Wil jij avondeten? - wrong Willen jullie avondeten? - correct why plural?


Yeah, I am confused why this is not the case. Both should be accepted.


Because the contributors picked one. In reality, several exceptions combine to create a list of correct translations: - Wilt u avondeten? - Willen jullie avondeten? - Wil jij avondeten? - Wil je avondeten?

And if you're from an environment where the main meal is at noon, then of course you get another set of those:

  • Wilt u middageten?
  • Willen jullie middageten?
  • Wil jij middageten?
  • Wil je middageten?

Whichever is of these eight is refused by Duolingo should be reported as also correct until they are added. (If the contributors are city folk, then getting them to recognise "middageten" as a possibility may take some doing.)

Plus, there are also some synonyms for "avondeten" that might fit.


How we will know if "you" is plural?


Impossible to know. English is not very clear here.

"Do you guys want dinner?" is clearer.


Why wil not wilt ??


Just one of the oddities of the language I guess. It's ''jij wilt.'' but if you ask a question it becomes ''wil jij?''.


There's a rule about it. I'm pretty sure it's when it's reversedit loses the -t :)


That's why they did all those impolite sentences, where they ask a question but then answer it themselves: "Schrijf jij een boek? Nee, jij schrijft een krant." With the verb in front of "jij/je", the conjugation does not take a "-t": "wil jij". But with the verb after the subject, it does take "-t". "Jij wilt"-


Why not "Wilt je avondeten?"

I get that the suggested correct statements are polite, but in a general practice session, how are we to know that a polite version is required?


Because if 'je' or 'jij' comes after the verb (like in this sentence), the 't' is dropped. 'Wil je avondeten?' is correct and accepted. ;)


- Wil jij/je avondeten?
- Wil jij/je een diner?
- Willen jullie een diner?
- Wil jij/je eten? Especially in this sense:
  "Do you want dinner tonight?" = "Wil jij/je vanavond eten?" or
  "Willen jullie vanavond eten?"

- Willen jullie eten?


Why not jij wilt avondeten? It means the same thing


Ah, the pleasure of using sufficient punctuation ... If you're asking: 'Why not: "Jij wilt avondeten!"?', then the answer is that the result is required to be a question. "Jij wilt avondeten!" is not.

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