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The owl got hungry and ate my streak.

I've done Duolingo every day since joining (2014-08-21). I log in today and my streak is gone! Discouraging. Please help. And someone please give the owl something else to eat, it must've been awfully hungry to do that.

November 15, 2014



There are several bugs as far as the Streak goes that Duo needs to fix, as several other people have complained about this.

Try getting a freeze streak- if you are absent, for one day, it will freeze your streak and prevent it from disappearing.

Other than that, please bear in mind that you have to practice a certain amount each day for it to count on your Streak.

TurtleButton :)

P.S: I'm perhaps not the best person to give advice on this, seeing as my streak is only about two so far!


Were you in a different timezone at any time during this course? The duolingo recognizes only the timezone in which you formed your account. Also it does not adjust itself to changes from British Summer Time adjustments.

Hope you start afresh and make an even bigger streak! :)


TurtleButton: I didn't know it required a certain amount of practice. Thanks for the information. Does it list somewhere how much? I thought if that check mark showed up, then it counted as having practiced that day.

ArchitOjha: No time zone changes here. Oh well. Thanks! I will keep practicing even if the streak is reset. DuoLingo is a great learning tool.

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