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  5. "Hij kwam met de auto."

"Hij kwam met de auto."

Translation:He came by car.

November 15, 2014



And if we want to say that he came with the car....?


I wrote 'He came in the car.' because as a native English (British) speaker I would never say 'came with the car' if it means driving. If he is bringing the car by other means like in a transporter or if the car had broken down and the breakdown service had collected it and he came along, that is the only time I would use with. Therefore I sent a report advising against using with.


My dutch girlfriend says that should also be accepted as a valid answer, so I reported it.


It's now accepted.


I have rarely heard this sentence. Typically, it is more common to say "he drove" without specifying the mode of transport. Is that ever used in the NL? If so, how is it said. Thanks in advance

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