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Different accounts on mobile phone and PC with same email

I started to use Duolingo in my cellphone, i created the account with G+. I've been working for several days by now. I want to work also from my pc, but when I log in with G+ creates another user (adding 1 at the end of the username) and I can't see all my progress. I deleted this account and I tried to log in again but keeps on create this new and empty account. What can I do to log in with my PC and see the original account with the progress?

November 15, 2014

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Oh this is a first off case that I have heard of this manner.

I might suggest that when you open the website on PC, select the same language as it was with the app. That is if you were learning French through Spanish, switch it to Spanish and then login. (SITE LANGUAGE tab).

This is a mere opinion and I hope that it helps.

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