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Make more "English to (language)" Questions

I think part of the reason I'm not retaining a lot of my vocabulary is because most of the questions are German to English rather than the other way around. When I see a German sentence it is easy enough for me to guess or infer meanings from the words, but if the question starts out in my own language I have to think harder to remember and assemble the German sentence.

*I should add that I'm not talking about multiple choice, just the ones where you write out the translation.

July 1, 2013



Would like to agree strongly to this. I wanted to practice the different forms and cases you use for certain words... but it was made hard since most of the questions are "What does this sentence mean?".


YES! MORE OF THIS PLEASE! That's how people learn.


i agree strongly to this


I would agree with this. I have trouble remembering which gender words are so I mess up their articles. If I had more English to German translations, I would be forced to look more closely at those.


This is a good idea. I think it really helps you in having to pay more attention to the words that change in languages where some nouns usually have gender differences which In my case a bit difficult to understand,


Something which may help is to switch off the "Speaker" option in your settings. This will mean that you're no longer presented with audio "<language> to English" questions, so should increase the proportion of "English to <language>" questions you see.


Double-edged sword there. Those are important verbal components for language learning.


I'm a little surprised that the Duo staff never commented on this post. It's probably in their interest to keep the questions the way they are, as Duo primarily trains us to translate texts from the internet. It's great and all, but it'd be better for the users to learn to speak and hear a language.


I'm learning French from English and some days ago I followed someone's suggestion (can't find the thread -sorry!) and started learning "English from French" as well.

I'm confronted with a lot of questions that ask me to translate from English to French and as a bonus the whole site is in French! I think it is great fun and I enjoy learning that way immensely. I disable the speaker while I do "English from French" to minimize the number of English sentences I have to type out and I will continue with the "French from English" tree for the listening and speaking exercises but I can wholeheartedly recommend to switch to the reverse language tree if you are looking for a challenge!


I wanted to post the same! go Duo!!


I'm guessing we do more practicing the translate "(language) to English" because the intent is for us to go and start translating the articles on the website.


True, it would help with reading comprehension. Personally, I think it is more important to be able to formulate a foreign language sentence in your own mind, though.


Absolutely, 'English to [language]' is really useful, and there should be an option to practice only this kind of exercises.


I do like the idea to only practice certain kinds of questions - listening exercises, speaking exercises, English-to-[Language], [Language]-to-English.


That would be a very good course of action for the site.


Yes! I would very much like that possibility. I use the multiple choice and pick-the-words translations like English-to-[Language], I cover (on my iPhone) the result, think what I would write, and peek after I have a sentence. It works, but even so there are (for me) too many translations the other way.


That would be great of course and a good improvement.

Personally, what I would prefer is that you could set some kind of percentage of how many English to [Language], [Language] to English exercises etc pop up in your sessions.


Probably, but I would think English to German translation would be a good business-idea for DuoLingo as well?


I've experienced the exact same thing.


I think the best way to do this would be to do it on your own. Grab a notebook and write a story. Translate it. Do more of that. It all depends on how much of your own proactive motivation goes toward your language-learning endeavor.


That is of course a great idea - except that you do not have that silent teacher that tells you where you went wrong.


That's where lang-8.com comes in - you post things in your target language, and speakers of that language correct you, line-by-line.


Changing the kind of questions you receive on duo would be way easier and more convenient


I think that way too, but also had the idea that this might happen only at the begginning of the course. Is this like that even going further on the language training?


Yes they tend to be mostly German to English toward the end as well


I think that we get more "Other language to English" exercises when we do the lessons for the first time. As the time goes and we refresh our skills we are slowly getting more "English to Other language" types of exercise.


that also makes sense for sure. First, get acquainted with the language, and then consolidate it by repeating the tests.


I wish that was how it was for me but I only get probably 3-5 english to language questions now that I'm near the end. However I can't say what it's like at the beginning because I tested out of most of the earlier lessons


I would be great if it happened in the other way, but this is awesome anyway!


definitely agree with this one ! especially on higher levels there should be more, there's only 1-2 (or even none) english-to sentences.. and when i try to speak in german (for example) it is waay harder than just understanding


Agreed! I'd prefer if my Spanish microphone exercises were all translatable ones, as I find Spanish pronunciation itself really easy!


Are more English to - questions happening then? I find myself not retaining vocab and verb conjugations because of the lack of these.


Any updates on this?


I strongly agree with this. Maybe it would be interesting to install a feature which allows you to select a certain mode specifically containing and differentiating English to target language or target language to English questions?

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