Special Announcement about the Golden Owl Hall of Fame

After three months...

  • 161 Spanish Owls
  • 104 French Owls
  • 96 German Owls
  • 92 English Owls
  • 41 Italian Owls
  • 30 Portuguese Owls
  • 22 Dutch Owls
  • 6 Irish Owls
  • 6 Danish Owls

.....558 golden owls have been logged so far by...

<h1>300 members of Duolingo!</h1>

A special shoutout to the Ultimate Golden Owls:

Ultimate Golden Owls

duonks {9 trees completed}
araparseghian {8 trees completed}
putinpresident {7 trees completed}
stefott {7 trees completed}

And, a special thank you to Lenkvist, writchie4, AlmostExMonoglot, Jeque, and Lavinae for helping me smooth out the wrinkles of the Hall of Fame!

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November 15, 2014


Here's a graph I made of all the completed trees

Note - Here's the new graph with Dutch (which I forgot to put in the graph.) Also I think I deserve a little more credit for the awesomely amazing, fantastic, spectacular title.

November 15, 2014

A very specific, accurate and thus amazing title you've got there. (;

Yay, Dutch!!

I'm so proud. ಥ_ಥ

I should become the 23rd to finish it boost that percentage... >.>

November 17, 2014

I managed to convince my fiance to take the progression test on his phone, the other night and he got all the way to Sport so he might be the 24th to finish it :P hehe .... I need to get my butt in gear.

November 17, 2014

I should start a thread in the Dutch forum, the "Beat the Portuguese course finishers percentage - challenge!"....

Don't get me wrong.... I mean, I like Portuguese and all (I do!) ... but nothing wrong with having more people reach the end of our course. >:)

November 17, 2014

HAHA your passion rocks! :D Have a lingot. I'll be on there someday with Dutch. :D

March 24, 2015

lingot for the title :)

November 16, 2014

Wow! Congrats everybody! I'm happy to say I finished my French tree today! I had put off the last lesson of the tree for literally months because I wanted all my skills to be gold before I finished it -- and thanks to a certain competition making me earn 100xp everyday I finally did just that. Gold the whole way down with a golden owl at the end.... it's so dang beautiful :')

By the way... back when we could see each other's trees, I remember Anrui had a lot of trees done. I'm not sure if it was 7 but I do know it was at least 5.

November 15, 2014

all is well

so many succed

so many talk

tounges forked together

a world of happiness

away from politics

A Trophy of Fun

November 15, 2014

Amazing ultimate dedication!

November 15, 2014

I would love to see the percentage of people out of each language that have reached their trees. It could also inspire the rest...

November 16, 2014

So do you only count one owl per language? Duonks now has 19 owls but you are only showing him at 9. He has been felling all the french trees this week.

I have done two reverse trees now, it looks like that will put me at 4 not 5? (I was at three before can you update it please when you have time)

November 15, 2014
  • 1860

This list is only for the English->X ones (plus one reverse)... I think Alexis mentioned somewhere back in one of the owl hall of fame threads, that it was too much effort to keep track of all the possible combinations. Hardly surprising if you see the code she has to keep up to date for this "simple" list!

November 15, 2014
  • 1860

I think there were two semi-technical issues too: as this thread is in English it's not immediately visible to those learning from other languages, plus how to distinguish the owls learned from different base languages :-)

November 15, 2014

I see. The original thread is now so big it takes an age to load let alone read so I missed that.

I know the whole thing is a huge job, she is great. I was just confused.

November 15, 2014

Wooohoo! You've done a beautiful job keeping it up to date! (unlike my hall of fame... stares off into the distance) ;)

November 16, 2014

Yeah, I want to be moved up. :P

November 17, 2014
  • 1860

Hi Alexis, maybe you could log another Swedish uggla when you do the next update :-)

November 29, 2014

Hi, I just got another owl after a long pause :-). Please add me the Swedish one

December 1, 2014

also, how about a breakout for each pie piece: so out of Spanish, the number with an owl in french, an owl in german, etc. fractaling out in every direction, and from every pie piece...

November 16, 2014

I'm sorry, does "104 French Owls" means since the creation of the course?

November 16, 2014

I haven't been here that long. ;) No, it's just since I started the GOHOF.

November 16, 2014

Oh, Okay. I wish Duolingo can release more official data and insights.

November 16, 2014

Nice post!

Are you thinking of doing this weekly, monthly, or something like that? I would like to have more information about this in the future.

November 16, 2014

Most likely just milestone member numbers. :)

November 17, 2014
  • 1995

I see the Italian golden owls are not as numerous as some of the other languages so please add mine when you do an update to swell their numbers; thanks.
By the way, do you (or anyone else) have any figures that show the percentage of people learning a language that actually get to the end of their tree? And does that vary depending on which language it is?

November 21, 2014

You can add one more Italian owl and one more Dutch owl for me. :)

October 14, 2016

Just two so far, Hungarian - English and the reverse, but all golden all the way down! A week later some of the Hungarian for English speakers have started to turn colors, so I am back at it, racing to keep everything golden! Meanwhile, working on French, doing conversations and writing captions for pictures.

Thank you DUO!

March 12, 2018
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