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I can not continue

I got stuck on lesson no 8, of Objects , because in many , lessen and write in Spanish exercises ,volume is not working , what to do ?

6 years ago



Just so you know, I did have a long delay before the audio came on a couple of times. See that Feedback tab on the left? Even though you may not get a response directly, I believe it is important to do this. Also, I have started copy pasting the page address where I find the need to feedback. Just click on the address- it should highlight- right click, copy, click in the feedback typing field, then right click and Paste. Or use the control c control v keys. You could also post a screen shot where it is a visual issue as they provide a button. Sorry for long reply, and if you already know about cut copy paste.

6 years ago

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You can also shut off the speaker exercises in the settings. Finish the lesson, and then turn them on again for the next lesson.

6 years ago