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"Ik maak soep met stukjes vlees."

Translation:I make soup with pieces of meat.

November 15, 2014



is "meat pieces"incorrect in english? i translated "i make soup with meat pieces"and it was marked wrong


No, "meat pieces" isn't incorrect, but "pieces of meat" is much more natural.

I wouldn't be able to say, though, if the two sentences are the same in Dutch.


Pieces of meat is more common, but nothing is wrong with meat pieces.

That sausage is composed of meat pieces.


I think Andrews means that there are likely other, less appealing things in that sausage.


Whether or not "meat pieces" is incorrect grammatically, I cannot say. However, I think it is more natural and common to say "pieces of meat" in English.


I wouldn't use it - it's just one of those things (like 'time and space' rather than 'space and time' in another translation)


I read that as "I make soap with pieces of meat" and was slightly horrified for a minute there..


Actually, very old recipes (and probably some modern ones) call for soap to be made with a mixture of tallow or other animal fat and lye derived from ashes. So making soap with pieces of meat wouldn't be too far off the mark.


Lye was discovered when washerwomen found that the clothes were cleaner when they washed the clothes downstream from the cemetery. The ashes that derive lye come from burnt meat, so... Doubly so.


and "little pieces"... didn't we learn the? diminutives and they were saying little of everything


reported it but I doubt they'll accept it ;)


Im i the only one who normaly says meat pieces?


no, it's fine to say, but i don't know about in Dutch


I make soup from meat bits, but that wasn't taken either.


Why isn't "of" needed after stukjes?


Is it that rule about quantities?


I think both are correct but they to me are very subtly different. I make soup with pieces of meat is about the process of making the soup and implies that i am going to chop up the meat. In the meat pieces version the meat is already chopped up and I'm just adding it to the soup.


I choose "cook soup" as in Germany normally one is cooking or preparing instead of marking

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