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  5. "Táimid ag íoc as ár mbia."

"Táimid ag íoc as ár mbia."

Translation:We are paying for our food.

November 15, 2014



I suggest looking here. However, I've also heard Íoc as to mean "pay for", in the sense of consequences (You'll pay for that), where as you use ar otherwise. breis.focloir.ie shows both as possibilities.


So it would be 'taimid íoc ar ár mbia'?


Tá muid ag íoc ar ár mbia, yes.


Could you say "táimid ag íoc do(n) ár mbia"? i.e. using the construction we learnt in an earlier lesson using "íocaim don chailín"; I pay for the girl.


You weren't buying the girl in the other lesson. English uses the same preposition ("for") whether you are handing over money in return for something, or you are paying on someone else's behalf. Irish uses different prepositions for these very different circumstances.


Ah of course! Go raibh míle.

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