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No sound in lessons

I came back to Duolingo after a couple weeks and I've noticed the change in format. I think it's great, but there seems to be a bug where no audio plays in lessons. As a result, I can't complete some of the questions. I think there are some other people experiencing the same thing.. is there a fix in the works?

October 9, 2012



Yes, sound seems to be broken for me too since at least a few weeks. You can simply disable it in your settings.


I only experienced a small delay so far, probably thanks to my connection, no other problems in sight :)


I'm experiencing the same problem, i've disable the sound but since pronounce is so important in learning a new language i hope fix this ASAP. this website has become already annoying with all the recent changes....


Go to your account and set/check in order to listen the sound.

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