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Why use 'au' instead of 'de'

With the phrase: Tu as un sandwich au chocolat..

why is it not: Tu as un sandwich de chocolat..

Surely de means of, I'm not sure why au is used here, is it an exception?

October 9, 2012



One has "fraises a la creme" and not "fraises de creme" which means strawberries with cream but not strawberries made out of cream. Likewise, one have a sandwich with chocolate and not a sandwich made out of chocolate. Hope this helps you.


This website has a pretty good explanation: http://french.about.com/library/prepositions/bl_prep_a_vs_de.htm

It pretty much describes "à" as being used when something is a very important ingredient, where as "de" is used when it is an absolutely necessary ingredient.

"Un sandwich au chocolat" without chocolate is still a sandwich, but "jus d'orange" without oranges is nothing.

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