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  5. "The black pants."

"The black pants."

Translation:Na brístí dubha.

November 15, 2014



Should the singular translation be counted as a correct answer? "the black pants" (the prompt) could refer to singular or plural numbers of pants, I think. My singular answer was not marked wrong, but counted as "typos", but I feel that it the English sentence is ambiguous and wanted to see if I could construct the singular Irish equivalent correctly. In Irish, would it be correct to translate that prompt both to "Na bristi dubha" and to "An briste dubh"?


Yes, I would say both of those would be correct, since it is ambiguous.


It accepted the singular for me. Might your answer have been marked as a typo because you forgot the fada?


The "Na" at the beginning of the sentence is the plural form of the. Irish uses an (singular "the") and na ("plural "the").


In one similar exercise yesterday, only the singular form was accepted, and someone did say that in Irish that was the correct form. Today, the singular form is not accepted. I guess it would help to stick to one variant


Pants are fobhristí. Don't believe the Americans ! This is an English to Irish translation lesson !

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