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"Úsáidtear fomhuireáin sa chabhlach."

Translation:Submarines are used in the navy.

November 15, 2014



Not the Irish navy. It has eight small surface vessels.


If anyone would like to invade us, now would be the right time.


..and when the captain he blows on his whistle, all the sailors go home for their tea!


I didn't know we had a navy! I suppose there could be loads of submarines hiding around the west coast... I've never seen one though, they must be doing a great job hiding! :-D


An fomhuireán - first developed by an Irish man, an t-innealtóir John Phillip Holland


Actually it was invented by a Tennessean named Horace Lawson Hunley.


There's a reason that nobody built any more submarines on the Hunley model, whereas the first submarine commissioned by the US Navy was the Holland VI, and the Royal Navy also commissioned Holland-class subs.

And Hunley himself only made a bigger version of the Turtle, built by David Bushnell, almost 90 years before Tunley. They were both hunan-powered, and engine technology wasn't sufficiently advanced for submarines.


How is this pronunciation of the 'dt' part of úsáidtear? I can't find another example anywhere.

[deactivated user]

    Pronounce úsáid then tear. In the autonomous form of the verb the tear/tar is pronounced independently of what comes before it.

    Another example is druidtear from the verb druid.

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