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  5. "She is at the farm."

"She is at the farm."

Translation:Zij is op de boerderij.

November 15, 2014



Why "op" rather than aan or bij?


If 'zij zit in de gevangenis' is correct, can't we say - 'zij zit op de boerderij'?


For people, you don't say "zitten/staan/liggen" unless you really mean a sitting/standing/lying position. "In de gevangenis zitten" is an exception, it's an idiom.


In another lesson, we had "ik ben op kantoor" which didn't have the article for "the". Anyone know why it is not needed for some places, but is for others?


I see similar variation in English. In the UK, a sick person could be "in hospital", while in the USA, the same person would be "in the hospital." But then, in both the UK and USA, children spend many of their days "in school." I have no idea why that variation exists.


In Switzerland when one learns English we have the saying that the definite article is omitted for places or institutions where one sleeps: We go to bed, to hospital, to school, to church, to university ;-)


That's an excellent insight; thanks. English is my first language but nobody ever offered me that point of view before. :)


As a native English speaker (northeast US) I would always consider "to hospital" wrong.

Sitting here thinking about this it seems to me that the definite article can be/is typically omitted when the subject is participating in the typical activity associated with the location. When you "go to bed" you are expected to be bedding down and sleeping, when you "go to shcool" you are expected to be participating in getting "schooled", and when you "go to church" you are expected to be participating in the service/mass whatever.

I think the difference can be exemplified thus: I went to church yesterday (for the evening mass). I went to the church yesterday (for a community lunch).


I think this is correct. You use the definite article when specifying the location. You don't use it when specifying an activity.

I go to school at the school. However, on Sunday, I go to Sunday school at the church. When my wife is angry with me, I don't go to bed in the bed. I sleep on the couch!


Sleeping during mass, huh?


Why is boerderij wrong?


Why "Ze ligt op de boerderij", is wrong?


That means that she is lying on top of the farm building.


Got it. so, "liggen" is only used for physical location of something on something!


Zip staat op de bonderij was my answer which was the same as the auto correct. Why was it not acceptable?


Did your computer auto-correct 'Zij' to 'Zip'? And change 'boerderij' to 'bonderij'? Mine does that kind of thing. Someone needs to teach it Dutch!

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