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search questions with tabbed browsing

When I type a few words on http://duolingo.com/#/topic/1 to search for questions, I see a drop down list of questions containing those words. But I can only click one, at which point the list disappears. If I want to check the next possible matching question, I have to type my search again.

What I'm used to on other websites are search results which I can Ctrl+click to open in a new tab. Or if I click a link, and see that the question is not what I'm looking for, I can return to the search and click the next question.

Currently it is a pain to read just 3 search results, just to check that my question has not already been asked. This encourage people to ask many redundant questions...

Great site by the way, I will use it more when the language I have upvoted is added.

October 9, 2012


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