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  5. "Elk pak is van mij."

"Elk pak is van mij."

Translation:Every suit is mine.

November 16, 2014



Which is the difference between elke and elk ?


"Elke" is used for de-words, "elk" for het-words.


that is so frustrating.


How can you tell the difference between het-words and de-words?


When you learn a word, learn it as "THE cat" or "THE book" because there is no real way of knowing if a word is de or het other than learning it with it's associated de or het.


This is a tough task for learners of Dutch. It would just be a lot easier if Duolingo showed the corresponding noun articles in the translation tab. They keep saying it is not possible, I really wonder why.


There's a de/het course on memrise with 970 or so common words I'm finding helpful in this regard


This is why I write down each new vocabulary word as I go and make sure to note if it is a de-word or het-word. The problem is I don't always know.


why is elke pak not accepted ? De pak = the suit. Elke pak is van mij = all suits are mine. Het pak = the package. Elk pak is van mij = all packages are mine.


There is no "de pak". Both translations ('suit' and 'package') are 'het pak'. Or a better translation for 'package': 'pakket(je)'.


thanks, a dictionary differentiated "het pak" and "de pak". Your explanation is clear why my answer was not accepted.

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