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Glitch in streak system?

I have a similar issue to ArchitOjha and mine was just a humble 33 days headed for 34. I have practiced in each language daily but started noticing something weird when my single language streaks (that show individually on my kindle) went to zero yet my overall streak continued to advance from days 31 to 33. I figured it was a glitch and didn't worry about it as my overall streak continued to progress. Now today instead of day 34 or 35 it drops to 3 days?! And if there was truly a break shouldn't I have seen "0" days progress to a ''1" day streak? how can I hop from day 33 to a 3 day unbroken streak?

Can this be fixed? I've worked from different devices this week but they're all the same account so it shouldn't make a difference. I have not missed a day yet. I don't use streak freezes because I am sure to always log in and do at least one practice or lesson. This has to be a glitch.

Admin help please?

November 16, 2014


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