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  5. "Einen Mietwagen, bitte."

"Einen Mietwagen, bitte."

Translation:A rental car, please.

July 1, 2013

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Why not "Ein(e) Mietwagen, bitte." ?


The accusative case is implied here. A full statement would be along the lines of 'Ich möchte einen Mietwagen, bitte.' When the 'Ich möchte' is dropped, the case of what remains stays the same.


A taxi is one of those cars that drive around looking for paying passengers on particular journeys only; a hire car or rental car is one you hire to drive yourself, often for a period of time rather than just one journey. Hope that helps.


We Brits tend to hire cars rather than rent them - we rent houses. . .


We Yanks tend to hire drivers (people) rather than hire cars (inanimate objects).

Ask to hire a car at a US airport and they will assume you are looking for a limo and a driver.


We Aussies either rent or hire cars, both words are used fairly interchangeably. I guess we just have no idea whether we want to be like the Brits or the Americans...


What is the different between das Auto and der Wagen?


I only learn German but Wagen is like English waggon, the form of transport in use before cars and buses existed.(hay waggon, goods waggon on a train). Now I understand that "Wagen" and "Auto" are used interchangably so I imagine that "Wagen" was kept in use to describe cars as well - the "Volkswagen" - the people's car, and Auto was a newer word from Automobile, a common american word for cars when they were first built at the turn of last century(and maybe still in America?).


Hovering over "Mietwagen" sounds correct, but playing the whole sentence gives something that sounds like "Mietwagel" or "Mietwadel". Am I crazy?


I can't confirm this. It sounds fine to me. Perhaps the nasal at the end is throwing you off.

Here's a transcription: /ˈmiːtˌvaːɡŋ̍/



Why "Taxi, please" is wrong? (English is not my native. Is there some difference between them?)


A rental car is not a taxi. A rental car is a car that you rent so that you can drive it yourself.

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