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  5. "Nós gostamos de abacaxis."

"Nós gostamos de abacaxis."

Translation:We like pineapples.

July 1, 2013



I was told by my brasilian sister in law that Ananas is a brand name of pineapples. It is so popular that people use pineapple and ananas interchangeably. Similar to how americans use a Coke to refer to pop/soda, a Kleenex to refer to a tissue, a Crescent wrench to refer to an adjustable wrench, a Skill saw to refer to a circular saw, a Sawsaw to refer to a reciprocating saw, and my favorite, Google to refer to searching. There is a word to describe this phenomena but you'll just have to Google it. :) I have more to say but I need a Kleenex to wipe my nose.


With the Google, the majority of Americans use Google daily. We use Google so much that it's more common to say "Google" than it's to say "search."


Only in certain parts of America do people use coke to mean soda in general. Here in New York coke only means Coca-Cola.


would it be wrong to say "nos gostamos abacaxis" without the "de"??


Yes. The verb "gostar" always need of "de" if it has a noun after.


How would you say, we taste like pineapples?


Nós temos gosto como de abacaxi.

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