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Listing of newest Spanish forum posts with links.

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Some of you may have noticed that the new posts view in this forum doesn't work beyond the post by Gnorian titled "Too Much Yo, El, Ella, Ellos, and so on". This is due to some issues that I describe in this stream conversation from Friday night with AlexisLinguist. Since older posts aren't currently viewable with the new filter, I've prepared this listing which you may find helpful:

I Haven't Done Duolingo In A While
By: ExpertArtist2002 at 2014-11-16T01:44:37UTC | Votes: 5

Finished my tree in 65 days at level 13
By: garrettgu10 at 2014-11-16T01:43:31UTC | Votes: 3

So I must be progressing - Thanks Duo!
By: RebelBrigid at 2014-11-16T00:48:45UTC | Votes: 9

By: Mido202020 at 2014-11-16T00:42:28UTC | Votes: 1

Weird Questions!
By: emilymk1 at 2014-11-15T20:34:25UTC | Votes: 0

Como mejorar mis habilidades en español?
By: Youd009 at 2014-11-15T19:41:07UTC | Votes: 0

Can somebody correct my mistakes ? Puedes ayudarme?
By: selinnt at 2014-11-15T19:18:11UTC | Votes: 1

Spanish Learner/ Need Help
By: kpinney2002 at 2014-11-15T19:04:50UTC | Votes: 0

By: neilzeltzer at 2014-11-15T18:56:35UTC | Votes: -1

By: Piano17 at 2014-11-15T17:20:26UTC | Votes: -2

Eres Mi Inspiracion
By: misschocol at 2014-11-15T16:33:26UTC | Votes: -3

There is something very wrong with how the "Strengthen Skills" algorithms work.
By: fillmont at 2014-11-15T15:31:09UTC | Votes: 19

Comer vs Almuerzo
By: judebrading11 at 2014-11-15T15:25:35UTC | Votes: 1

Spanish written style
By: rstimac at 2014-11-15T13:00:11UTC | Votes: 1

Will there ever be Castilian Spanish?
By: JohnMartone at 2014-11-15T05:52:08UTC | Votes: 5

Spanish Video
By: cjholloway at 2014-11-15T04:18:31UTC | Votes: 3

Duolingo is so different online vs. the app!
By: hellokitty1955 at 2014-11-15T04:09:48UTC | Votes: 2

Too Much Yo, El, Ella, Ellos, and so on.
By: Gnorian at 2014-11-15T04:02:20UTC | Votes: 12

someone please give me the best way to give this website to Spanish speaking immigrants.
By: sarah_Jill at 2014-11-14T23:46:43UTC | Votes: 0

Completed Spanish Tree
By: Teenage_Polyglot at 2014-11-14T23:19:19UTC | Votes: 13

By: 202279gcloud at 2014-11-14T20:45:35UTC | Votes: -14

What language should I learn?
By: gratur at 2014-11-14T19:52:41UTC | Votes: 0

Spanish Prepositions!!!
By: PlodderFun at 2014-11-14T19:32:17UTC | Votes: 0

Timed Practice?
By: Macjory at 2014-11-14T19:21:15UTC | Votes: 0

I think I have Duolingo beat for a weird sentence
By: Adina_atl at 2014-11-14T15:28:21UTC | Votes: 6

¡Vosotros: Espana vs Latinoamérica!
By: vcel10 at 2014-11-14T14:34:19UTC | Votes: 10

By: joelhprow at 2014-11-14T13:35:49UTC | Votes: 0

Love Duolingo but following features would really boost usability
By: Kynicus at 2014-11-14T13:32:14UTC | Votes: 1

Finished my tree.
By: language020 at 2014-11-14T04:40:07UTC | Votes: 11

Spanish Dubs of Batman The Animated Series or Star Trek?
By: IanScott6 at 2014-11-14T04:38:03UTC | Votes: 3

Spanish Subjunctive
By: RafaelYehuda at 2014-11-14T02:34:11UTC | Votes: 1

Best way to ask "would you like" or "do you want something to eat/drink" en esp
By: TheLdawg at 2014-11-14T02:09:13UTC | Votes: 2

hala soy german
By: leonelalfredo at 2014-11-14T00:10:39UTC | Votes: -4

By: Gray_Glasser at 2014-11-14T00:08:20UTC | Votes: -2

Spanish is Awesome!
By: Rorie14_ at 2014-11-13T22:18:19UTC | Votes: 4

LINK Bilingual/Bilingüe Travel Narrative/ Cuento de Viaje
By: vcel10 at 2014-11-13T19:32:48UTC | Votes: 6

i need fluent Spanish speakers
By: malab_alneel at 2014-11-13T18:50:23UTC | Votes: 0

Share what you know
By: winter0001 at 2014-11-13T18:00:25UTC | Votes: 1

By: malab_alneel at 2014-11-13T16:28:42UTC | Votes: 0

i am new pleas help i am 8
By: jamesholy at 2014-11-13T13:17:59UTC | Votes: 1

Where do translations go?
By: Stof1968 at 2014-11-13T11:21:44UTC | Votes: 0

Life after Duolingo
By: MeredithNa at 2014-11-13T10:54:28UTC | Votes: 22

I think that there should be some reading stuff like short stories/poems at every level in Spanish.
By: SharadPanchal at 2014-11-13T09:14:06UTC | Votes: 17

Parcticar conversación en español
By: Jahan_Nusrat at 2014-11-13T04:02:02UTC | Votes: 0

Parliamo in italiano?
By: Chumblu at 2014-11-13T01:23:54UTC | Votes: -4

A question about translation tiers:
By: Macjory at 2014-11-13T00:14:16UTC | Votes: 2

By: NBSnyder at 2014-11-12T22:07:21UTC | Votes: 3

Free Spanish ebooks
By: DanD8 at 2014-11-12T21:30:02UTC | Votes: 23

What happened to the great live online game?
By: davsen at 2014-11-12T21:12:36UTC | Votes: 1

When you ask things in Spanish expect people to say what the heck are you talking about. I know
By: danisa11 at 2014-11-12T14:58:33UTC | Votes: -5

Latin American Spanish versus Spanish as Spoken in Spain
By: feyMorgaina at 2014-11-12T14:41:45UTC | Votes: 2

Subjunctive conjugation in Spanish
By: Agent.Logic_ at 2014-11-12T14:32:31UTC | Votes: 6

Juego de español - Spanish game
By: lrtward at 2014-11-12T13:27:38UTC | Votes: 4

Nice site with lots of comprehension videos
By: storckpost at 2014-11-12T09:47:09UTC | Votes: 22

By: briancha.island at 2014-11-12T08:50:50UTC | Votes: 0

No volume
By: RoyalPerson at 2014-11-12T05:53:34UTC | Votes: 0

Different time zones & streaks
By: JavierMcIntosh at 2014-11-12T05:19:21UTC | Votes: 1

Lesson Overload
By: PlodderFun at 2014-11-12T05:12:56UTC | Votes: 2

By: ShellyRamos at 2014-11-12T04:07:02UTC | Votes: 0

Esta traducción esta bien si sabes revisala por favor.
By: jhonhf10 at 2014-11-12T02:24:50UTC | Votes: 0

Quien que sepa ingles seria tan amable de traducir este párrafo por favor.
By: jhonhf10 at 2014-11-12T01:30:59UTC | Votes: 0

Translate: You may have your own sources.
By: Rob2042 at 2014-11-12T00:01:56UTC | Votes: 0

By: Samantha204 at 2014-11-11T21:58:08UTC | Votes: 0

Ese? Why not eso/esa Este? Why not esto/esta
By: Bahalam at 2014-11-11T21:28:57UTC | Votes: 0

Do these paragraphs make sense?
By: cubbadubdub at 2014-11-11T21:27:31UTC | Votes: 0

Spanish chat partner!
By: Phoxxes at 2014-11-11T21:09:17UTC | Votes: 0

We will never forget
By: Elianab125 at 2014-11-11T20:22:03UTC | Votes: 5

No tengo amigos en Duolingo
By: Banjaxd at 2014-11-11T19:56:19UTC | Votes: 0

By: Elianab125 at 2014-11-11T19:46:29UTC | Votes: 8

what about spanish
By: kitana_newsome at 2014-11-11T19:35:01UTC | Votes: -5

Should Duolingo take away accent mark error correcting?
By: pinkybeans at 2014-11-11T19:29:33UTC | Votes: -17

How many lessons do I need to take?
By: joharmenezes at 2014-11-11T18:20:38UTC | Votes: 3

Reflexive verbs and object pronouns
By: feyMorgaina at 2014-11-11T18:13:05UTC | Votes: 1

I need help on thins because I dont understand what I'm doing!!!
By: Carla_Philbrook at 2014-11-11T17:20:43UTC | Votes: -7

Learning multiple languages at once
By: ZeppelinNL at 2014-11-11T15:32:39UTC | Votes: 3

Broken English
By: tara668 at 2014-11-11T13:44:32UTC | Votes: 9

How to get over frustration of learning 60 versions of every word :(
By: KyleBotten at 2014-11-11T12:53:48UTC | Votes: 2

Found a cool site to help with hard Spanish words---123 teachme
By: Trainman95630 at 2014-11-11T12:52:48UTC | Votes: 20

the letter G
By: nat22324 at 2014-11-11T11:12:56UTC | Votes: 2

Movies and TV shows in Spanish?
By: mia.elysse at 2014-11-11T07:47:32UTC | Votes: 3

Ticket numbers
By: nonaanne at 2014-11-11T06:56:23UTC | Votes: -3

By: rbriones102 at 2014-11-11T01:10:28UTC | Votes: -5

Should Duolingo Let People Peak?
By: ArdenPryor at 2014-11-10T22:20:33UTC | Votes: -1

Almost finished my spanish tree
By: Revalak94 at 2014-11-10T20:34:29UTC | Votes: 8

Gringo in Monterrey Mexico
By: michaelhook2003 at 2014-11-10T20:32:10UTC | Votes: 0

Extra christmas goal
By: coldasice26 at 2014-11-10T20:01:50UTC | Votes: 4

Needing Help With Translating
By: laspanishgirl at 2014-11-10T19:00:17UTC | Votes: 1

Confusion over Spanish word
By: AGJW at 2014-11-10T18:49:56UTC | Votes: 1

Best Website ever!!!!!!!!!!!
By: C-E1 at 2014-11-10T18:40:50UTC | Votes: 8

Skills are different from one daughter to another.
By: jeskmack at 2014-11-10T18:36:46UTC | Votes: 2

Learning multiple languages simultaneously
By: sanyam5891 at 2014-11-10T17:58:15UTC | Votes: 3

XP and Level- can the level decrease without practice?
By: seispaquete at 2014-11-10T17:44:58UTC | Votes: 2

past tense conjugations?
By: moshen244 at 2014-11-10T16:58:00UTC | Votes: 2

how can I differentiate cuanto from cuando? Please help..
By: bhavyaekam at 2014-11-10T15:57:16UTC | Votes: 1

Ticket numbers
By: nonaanne at 2014-11-10T14:40:12UTC | Votes: 0

What is a Bonus Skill
By: fanofolk at 2014-11-10T13:57:33UTC | Votes: 2

I had an entire conversation in spanish
By: FrancoisAuc at 2014-11-10T12:41:40UTC | Votes: 44

What is the third bonus skill for Spanish and when do you get it?
By: toucanman at 2014-11-10T12:00:02UTC | Votes: 2

Spanish language is really expressive - I couldn't resist to share :)
By: stfods at 2014-11-10T09:42:18UTC | Votes: 15

Help needed
By: nonaanne at 2014-11-10T07:44:15UTC | Votes: 0

Can someone help me translate this?
By: cubbadubdub at 2014-11-10T07:27:43UTC | Votes: 0

Used book stores can be your friend...
By: CoyotesChild at 2014-11-10T01:50:37UTC | Votes: 17

My new strategy, a new skill every weekend.
By: DanD8 at 2014-11-10T01:44:14UTC | Votes: 8

Nosotros and other commands
By: AleziaAvant at 2014-11-10T00:09:57UTC | Votes: 0

Discrepancies in number of units between website and app
By: StuartGlasgow at 2014-11-09T22:38:23UTC | Votes: 2

By: BOYEKA at 2014-11-09T22:28:14UTC | Votes: -4

Hola! Soy nuevo!!!
By: watermist at 2014-11-09T22:22:23UTC | Votes: 3

By: itzme332 at 2014-11-09T21:52:24UTC | Votes: 0

My Duolingo Spanish actually worked in Madrid last week!!
By: JamesBarlow at 2014-11-09T21:47:38UTC | Votes: 74

He derribado mi árbol.
By: HunkyP at 2014-11-09T21:32:36UTC | Votes: 9

Easy Spanish books to read?
By: annickerd at 2014-11-09T20:47:00UTC | Votes: 6

Had my first conversation in Spanish the other day.
By: AwkwardCactus at 2014-11-09T20:39:40UTC | Votes: 60


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Thank you pinkodoug! I didn't realize it was still stuffed up. I'll send an email to see if we can get this fixed by tomorrow!

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Not a problem. It only took a couple of minutes to put this together.

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so modest ;)

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