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Switching between courses taught in different languages

Alright, so I'm currently studying Spanish and German, doing the English-German, English-Spanish, Spanish-English, and Spanish-German trees simultaneously. The problem is that, while switching between two courses taught in the same language is easy enough, switching between courses taught in two different languages is a pain in the butt. For instance, to switch between English-Spanish and English-German, it's two clicks, but to switch from English-German to Spanish-German, I have to go to the page to add a new language and switch over to Spanish entirely, and cannot see my progress on the other language's trees.

Does anyone know of a simpler workaround to this, or if it will ever be fixed to make it easier for those of us learning from two different languages? Thanks.

November 16, 2014



There is a greasemonkey script that helps, Duolingo Course Switcher



I tried that and then the dropdown menu showed a very lengthy list of languages (all of them?), which seemed to go down and on after my screen ended. This would not have been too bad but I could not find my Irish course (I do not know if it wasn't there or just beyond my screen's limits?).

Are there any special settings? Or is it just not working anymore?


The default is that it shows all the languages. You can delete the languages you don't need. That is what i did, not really a settings thing you just edit the thing by hand.


Okay, I thank you! I will try to do that!

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