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Brazilian portuguese vs portugal portuguese.

I live in europe, so it is more likely for me to find myself in portugal than in brazil. I still want to learn the brazilian verson of portuguese, cause it sounds nicer, but what exactly are the differences between the two?

November 16, 2014



This subject was discussed recently and perhaps you'll get something from reading that debate:



If you can read an article in Portuguese, I think this one sum up most of the differences http://pt.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wikcion%C3%A1rio:Vers%C3%B5es_da_l%C3%ADngua_portuguesa


That's a useful page, but it concentrates on the written language (and, in part, how pronunciation affects graphic accent choice and spelling). There are bigger differences in the spoken language. Other things that set the two variants apart are: the widespread use of "tu" in situations where most Brazilians would choose "você"; different vocabulary for the same things; use of the infinitive over the gerund in progressive tenses; and object/clitic pronoun choice and placement. This Wikipedia article (in English) writes at length about the differences between Brazilian Portuguese (BP) and European Portuguese (EP):


There is a lot to take in, but remember they also have a great deal in common, and if you learn BP the amount of "unlearning/relearning" you would have have to do to change to EP is relatively small (although switching to the accent spoken in Portugal would need a bit of effort).


i roughly understand it but im not 100% sure. obrigada


That's pretty interesting, thanks ;)


Basicamente a forma de falar, assim como o inglês britânico e o americano.


não, porque quando apredi o inglês britânico entendi o inglês americano, mas não entendo o português de portugal. (that was a difficult sentence to say and im not sure if its even correct)


é porque o português de Portugal tem um sotaque mais pesado o que dificulta bastante. Basicamente é como o inglês americano e inglês escocês.

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