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"Mas não se tratava de uma guerra."

Translation:But it was not about a war.

July 2, 2013



there should be one more section created: tough phrases. this would fit there well!


Spent a few minutes meditating on the dictionary entry for "tratar" and guessed the answer word for word. Woot! It would help if Duo had complete word/expression definitions available.



Congratulations! I used the same dictionary but could only come up with "But it was not a question of a war". The lesson being I shouldn't be so literal I suppose. I now notice that one of Google Translate's options is correct too.


I would have never guessed this translation. And knowing the answer now still does not help.


yea i'm with you, i felt like I was trying to make a sentence out of a jumble of words.


That is a really terse translation. My dictionary says "tratar-se de" means "it is a question of". So "question of" has been reduced to "about" in this translation.


I'd also say "tratar-se de" = "it's a question of". But if you ask someone to sign a paper, she may ask: "Do que se trata isso?" (What is it about?) that means: what are the subjets that it talks about, mentions.


By some miracle i got this one right. Go figure. Maybe from the Spanish: "Tratarse de" meaning 'have to do with' which really means 'to be about'


Perhaps the meaning of the phrase could be: "But it was not a matter of war" meaning, for example, that an argument was very serious, however "it was not a matter of war". I suggested this. What do you think?


Maybe "não era relacionado à guerra"?


to have to do with = to be about = to be a question of, all three should be acceptable translations.

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