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  5. "Vi har et ret berømt navn."

"Vi har et ret berømt navn."

Translation:We have a pretty famous name.

November 17, 2014



"We have a really famous name" was rejected, but "we have a pretty famous name" was suggested.

That is confusing, because those two English sentences are synonymous.

I suspect "pretty" is being used in an ironic sense here, so maybe "fairly famous name" would be a less misleading suggested translation?


I got owned by the proximity with "noun", and the fact that "name" and "noun" have the same translation in my native language...


Does this perhaps relate to the very old use of "right" in English?


In my dialect, we'd say "a right famous name", but that means "very", not "quite" - that's why I got this wrong. (In Northern England, where I live, a lot of old dialect words are from Danish - like "bairn" for child, and "laiking" for "playing")


To be honest, I reckon 'right' in the way it's used in Lancs and Yorks is synonymous with 'pretty and very'. 'Quite' as well can mean 'very' as in 'He's quite dead'. Again, duolingo needs to start surveying native English speakers way more - particularly those who may have significant amounts of the target language in their daily vocab.


I'll give another example. For ages duolingo recognised 'expensive' but not 'dear' although every Germanic language uses this in some form.


Det hedder gamle Danmark


What do you mean?


Well known means the same as famous, I wish the creators would check their synonyms more carefully


Why reject "really famous"?


Can 'navn' be used here to mean both an actual name and a big 'name' as in a famous person as it can in English?


I think I'm gonna have to look up a pronunciation guide on just the letter R, because "ret berømt" is really twisting my tongue here.


And that name, was Duo


"ret" is my favorite danish word... it sounds soooooo sensual and seductive! (who would have thought that danish could sound so sexy?)... "RET"...


Not good English. Better to say we are well-known.


six months later but this is perfectly good english. say someone isnt famous, but has the last name "washington", or "bonaparte" or whatever. theyre not famous, but they have a famous name.


Our last name is Nielsen!

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