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Help with put/set/place

Which of these is correct or which is the more correct

He puts it
He sets it
He places it

I'm learning English and Duolingo does not accept or put or place. Only accepts set


November 17, 2014

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It depends on the situation. "He sets the baby down", "He puts the plates on the table", "He places his car carefully"


They are all correct, but in slightly different contexts. Placing it implies more care to where and how it is placed. Putting seems to me more direct and heavy, while setting seems a little more careful than putting as well as sometimes more temporary or accidental. They are not very big distinctions, and it really depends on the context. What was the context? Perhaps I can explain why it is wrong or if Duolingo is mistaken.

(I can translate this if you like; I just respond in whatever language someone begins speaking at me.)


hmmm.... "coloca" me parece más como "places," pero "set" está bien. Por lo menos no quiere que escribas "put." "Put" es muy parecida a "poner" y no me parece "colocar."


ok... entiendo......... lo más gracioso es que pone como sugerencias put y place y no acepta ninguna de las dos... jajaja Gracias de verdad...


veo que estás aprendiendo varios idiomas, no sé si conoces esta página de música pero aquí te la mando, es genial http://es.lyricstraining.com/


Gracias! Me parece interesante y util.


de nada. gracias a ti por tu ayuda

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