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"A tutta la famiglia piace questo ristorante."

Translation:The whole family likes this restaurant.

July 2, 2013



All the family like and All the family likes should both be accepted


It depends on whether you think the family in this case should be treated as a few people or a single unit. As a group of people you should use like and as a unit likes. To me it seems you are talking about a few people so it should be like (ie plural) if you said this family (ie one unit) I think it would be likes. See the following https://www.englishclub.com/grammar/subject-verb-agreement-collective-nouns.htm


To say 'all of the family' or 'all the family' is immaterial they both mean exactly the same and are acceptable.


Just what I was thinking when I got this marked wrong. :-(


We're getting into the sections where literal translations don't always work!


Why not "In all the family he likes this restaurant".... Why the extra words? Why can't "The whole family likes this restaurant" just be "Tutta la famiglia loro piace questo ristorante."?


The verb piacere works with the indirect object and third person verb so I like is written to me like - mi piace or you can say a me piace. If the thing that is liked is plural eg restaurants it would be mi piacciono or a me piacciono. In this sentence the whole family .. you say to all the family so you need the a - a tutta - restaurant is single so you use piace. You don't need the loro. If you said they like the restaurant you can say a loro piace....


All the family marked wrong!


All the family should be acceptable


"All the family like..." is a good English translation. Why is it not accepted


`I wrote All the family like this restaurant - and they said it was wrong - rubbish


All the family should be accepted.


the family (each person in the family) like..... should be accepted


It didnt say to be translated

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