"Those words are in my mind."

Translation:Aquelas palavras estão na minha mente.

July 2, 2013

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I realise I'm just an idiot for using the wrong "to be" here, but I was wondering whether "Aquelas palavras são na minha mente" really could be right in some situations: when you want to be emphatic say; or perhaps when someone is recalling a deep quote and is trying to say that those words will always be with them.


You only do that in another context: Aquelas palavras são, na minha mente, (on my view) uma maneira de esquivar-se.


Oh yes. All the same words but a completely different meaning all due to a comma.

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No, I can't think of any case where you could say that, we would use sempre (always) in that case.


Thank you. I was just trying to redeem myself for my stupid mistake. As Shakespeare didn't say "Ser ou estar, essa é a questão".

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