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Afrikaans for English speakers. Why, When, How and Will it happen?

Hey guys!

I have already posted three posts in discussions about Afrikaans. (the links are below) I challenged myself to try get this course started before the end of 2014 and now November is in full speed and I've not gotten the go-ahead! I have received numerous offers to help contribute if the course is added and numerous people would like it to be added!

Me and a couple other have also asked for the language and received no reply.

Why - The language is just about only spoken in the southern part of Africa {Namibia, South Africa, some in Botswana} and has very few resources to learn from!

When - When the Duolingo admin give permission. {hopefully soon}

How - I have a list of people who are willing to contribute and we will work hard to make this possible! {list is below}

Will it happen? - I pray and hope that it will with the others interested and eventually {due to my persisting and your support} I do think it will!

Thank you for your support!

The list of people who are willing to contribute -





The list of people who would like to learn the language -























Afrikaans for English speakers #1 - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2440987$from_email=comment_id=4818853

Afrikaans for English speakers #2 - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3018894$comment_id=4885971

Calling the admin of Duolingo to think of adding Afrikaans - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4898932$comment_id=4909586

November 17, 2014



I think Duolingo has to accept and approve applications from potential volunteers. They also have to schedule courses entering the incubator because it will involve some resources from Duolingo. So it is not so simple as wanting it and it will happen. If you and your volunteers have applied to Duo then all you can do is be patient.


Yes, we have applied to Duo...months ago...The reason for this is to be able to know how many actually want the course or can contribute to it. Thank you for your input.


Well said. There are actually still a lot of technical problems with the incubator and there are only a handful of overworked staff members to keep everything running. While the courses are built by volunteers, those volunteers will have to be taught how to use the incubator, their countless questions will have to be answered and the inevitable bugs will have to be squished. And each language is different, so there will be unique problems popping up every time. It's usually not a lack of volunteers that keeps a course from being added.


@Simius...understood. Please read comment below.


That comment about Afrikaans being an apartheid language is very ignorant, akin to calling German a Holocaust language or Russian being a gulag/great purge language. My word, most languages could be called some horrible name on the basis of past times.

Afrikaans is a vibrant and fascinating language, spoken by people of various ethnic backgrounds in South Africa. I would love an Afrikaans course on Duolingo and wish you good luck with the endeavour! As someone currently studying Dutch, I'd find Afrikaans the next logical step and would consider learning about the differences between the two to be intriguing :).


Awesome! Hopefully you will be learning it some time soon!


Thanks! I hope so too. Where I live (on the Spanish-Portuguese border), there aren't many resources to be found for the language, but if you get the go-ahead for this course, I'll be among the first to starting learning :)!


Whoop whoop! @nolothot


This is what I want to be my third language! I've wanted to learn Afrikaans since I knew of its existence (which is actually recently in the past few years...oops?) and I think Duolingo needs a course.


Yay :D So happy! I've also decided that if this isn't out by the end of the year I will post disscussions teaching you guys Afrikaans!

[deactivated user]

    Can you add me on the list?


    Good luck to you! I'm sure it's frustrating when the volunteer contributors are there, waiting to get started, but you can only wait and hope there's a response.


    Awh yes it is! thank you!


    I can't believe its already 2017 and still no Afrikaans incubator on duolingo. This would be the perfect platform for students, tourists or foreigners to learn a great language. Why is it taking sooo long? They have Klingon on here for goodness sakes....


    I totally agree. Three long years.


    You can add me to the list of wanting to learn Afrikaans!


    You can add my name to the list. :) I know many Afrikaans speakers, so I have no excuse not to learn the language.


    Please add me as well. I would love to learn Afrikaans and to be able to talk to my wonderful in-laws in SA, but there are very few resources to learn Afrikaans online


    I've been trying to learn Afrikaans for a while now and I would definitely do it if it was added.


    Whenever an Afrikaans course is available, I would definitely use it! I have been trying to learn Afrikaans on and off for years with very little success. There are very few resources for learners of Afrikaans as a second language, so I think a Duolingo course would be very useful!


    I, for one, would absolutely love learning Afrikaans, since I know a few charming people from South Africa who speak it as their first language, and I would love to be able to communicate with them in their language.


    I laughed at this. Very sweet of you and I will add you to the list.


    Ek is dit daar heeltemal mee eens! Hier, 'n lingot! :D


    Agg dankie! Ek kort dit nie maar baie dankie :D


    I would LOVE to learn a language like Afrikaans! :D



    Yay Annie! :D I'll add you!


    I'm sure others have applied before me but just to let you know I've also applied. Now waiting to hear back from duolingo. Let's hope we get the go ahead soon so it can be out there before the end of this looong holiday!


    Ek wil ook leer!


    I'd love to learn Afrikaans! I just started it on Mondly Languages.


    I see this was posted 1 year ago, any progress with getting permission from Duolingo?


    Not yet! :( sorry for the slightly delayed reply ;)


    2 years now. And not still not yet?


    It's so disappointing that Duolingo offers Klingon and High Valerian, but still doesn't have Afrikaans. I see they have Hawaiian in the incubator now, which means that they can't be refusing Afrikaans based on number of native speakers, because Hawaiian has around 2000-30000 native speakers and Afrikaans has closer to 7-8 million. I'm not against them having those other languages, but at least prioritize natural languages over languages made for film. Esperanto gets a pass because it can actually serve a purpose outside of fandom.


    I’m for Klingon and Afrikaans and against High Valyrian and Esperanto.


    Interesting to me because they've added High Valyrian and Klingon to the courses but not Afrikaans, an actual language (not saying the others aren't, I mean, all languages are "made up" but you know what I'm trying to say).


    I really hope there aren't prejudices at play here.

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    I also want to learn Afrikaans, Have been waiting for too long. But will keep waiting. Does anyone have any respond whatsoever from Duo team. I sent message on Facebook, Twitter but no response this sad :(



    As 'n Afrikaanse kursus eendag geskep word, sal ek graag help waar ek kan!


    I'm interested in learning.


    I've been really wanting to learn Afrikaans, so it'd be great if there was a course on Duolingo as it's so hard to find many resources. If they can do fictional languages like Klingon, why not a real language like Afrikaans?


    Please add me to the list of people wanting to learn Afrikaans :) I hope Duolingo adds it soon!


    Add me to your list of interested learners. I've been wanting to learn it for ages - my mum is from South Africa and I'd love to surprise her by suddenly being able to speak to her in Afrikaans!


    aww! thank you for your encouragement! I'll let you know if we get it going!


    I am also, seriously (as serious can be) interested in learning Afrikaans. I wish that I wish duolingo will seriously add Afrikaans. It deserves to be added. So please add me to your list of people wanting to learn Afrikaans.


    Seriously true :p I'll let you know if we get somewhere(:


    I want to be on the list! But how is this project now?


    add me to your list please.


    Please add me to the list! My Mum would also learn it then!


    Why did this never happen?


    Please add me to your list, and my brothers. We need to learn it for school and Duolingo is so much more fun than the other resources available.


    I would be willing to contribute as well! I've been waiting for it to be added since I have discovered Duolingo!


    Hi! I'd love to learn Afrikaans. Do you have any updates from Duo? Thanks!


    Please make this happen!!! There needs to be a good resource for people to learn this language


    Add me to the list of people who want to learn Afrikaans! I went to South Africa in December 2017 without knowing a word of Afrikaans. Luckily, I had a friend down there who translated for me but it still would be neat to learn so I can engage in conversation with everyone. Crossing my fingers that it will get added to Duolingo!


    I would love to learn Afrikaans! I have a close family friend who speaks it as her first language, and I would love to become closer to her family by learning this language.


    I would really love an Afrikaans course.


    I really wish they had an Afrikaans course :(


    can you, please, add me to the list of wanting to learn Afrikaans?


    If any of those people you said would contribute are still interested, I found the link to contribute to it: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/en/af/status


    Gabi, thanks for taking the lead on this. I see it has been 4 years so far. I travel to Cape Town 2-3 times per year, and will sign up for Afrikaans as soon as it becomes available.

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