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  5. "Níl beoir uaim."

"Níl beoir uaim."

Translation:I do not want beer.

November 17, 2014



I thought it was established that "Want" and "need" took the same form


I don't understand how you know the difference between "want" and "need". Could someone please explain this to me? Thanks.


This is worse than eating sandwiches without cheese.


Can anyone explain the various "I want/I need/do you want/do you need" constructions in comparisons to each other?


I had no idea what she was saying. The diction is appaling. By the way, I am Irish and do not drink beer.


How would i say "I do not need beer"? ( though I can't imagine why I would be saying such a thing)


Níl beoir ag teastail uaim.


Ní theastaíonn beoir uaim.


It is not clear when teastaíonn is used and when the simple tá ... ó is used. they seem interchangeable and yet they are marked wrong.


Cén fáth nach bfhuil sé 'I need beer'?... I dont want beer= ní theastaíonn beoir uaim


Níl x ag teastail uaim - I dont need x. Ní caithfidh mé x - I don't need (have to) x. Tá x uaim - I want x. Tá mé ag irraidh... - I want to... Ba mhaith liom x - I want x


There is a difference between "I need (noun)" and "I need (to verb)", so níl X ag teastáil uaim/níl X uaim/ní theastaíonn X uaim etc are not directly comparable to ní chaithfidh mé X

ag iarraidh can have either a noun phrase or a verb phrase as the object, but it has a broader meaning that just "wanting" - with a verbal object, it is also translated as "trying to" (granted, you are usually "trying to do" something because you "want to do" it).

"I'm trying to organise my day" - tá mé ag iarraidh eagar a chur ar mo lá
"we're trying to answer the demand" - táimid ag iarraidh freastal ar an éileamh
"I'm trying to get out of the habit" - táim ag iarraidh éirí as mar nós
"we're trying to find a solution" - táimid ag iarraidh teacht ar réiteach, táimid ag iarraidh réiteach a fháil

In the case of
"she's slimming" - tá sí ag iarraidh meáchan a chailleadh
that could be be back-translated as "She's trying to lose weight" or "she wants to lose weight".

(The Duolingo course does not teach the ag iarraidh construction).

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